Michael Claire: Writer, Editor

I grew up watching Frank Thomas, Michael and Scottie, and Erik Kramer… NBA hoops is my favorite sporting drug, but I’ve dabbled heavily in both college and pro football, baseball, hockey, cycling, MMA, and to the shame of my friends and family, soccer. I’ve been to Korean baseball games, a cricket match in India, OH! and once I saw a blimp!

Dan Sokolowski: Editor

I did not invent The Theory of Relativity, nor did I aid Newton in creating his three laws of motion (that stuff is fake anyway). What I can create is excitement. I can take some of the most overlooked and miniscule things in the world and bring them to life. I possess the ability to open someone’s eyes and introduce them to a new adventure. I can present you an image that you’ve seen 1000 times and show you something new about it… Oh yea, and sports are cool too!


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