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Brawl at Bourbon Street (JAN 18th)

**James Yarbrough prepares to enter the cage**

Wednesday is a weird night to get drunk. It’s that spur-of-the-moment instant release of serotonin that feels amazing at midnight, but bits you like a bear trap early the next day. It’s hard, fast living, and that feeling pervaded the atmosphere at Bourbon Street last night. The Brawl at Bourbon Street came and went, and all we’re left with is hazy memories of knockouts and a 60-year-old cop choking out a whale with tattoos.

Here’s a breakdown of the Fight of the Night, along with our quotes of the night and a quick rundown of last night’s action.

Fight of the Night

James Yarbrough vs. Justin Hughes

Both fighters are young, quick and agile. Yarbrough looks to have the height advantage while Hughes is the more stout of the two. Yarbrough starts the fight with a couple of good knees. Both fighters clinch and Hughes ends up with the takedown. Hughes in half guard. Yarbrough looks to squirm his way out, while Hughes throws a few punches. Hughes takes Yarbrough’s back, but Yarbrough is able to end the round in Hughes’ guard and throw a few punches of his own. Good first round.

Hughes starts the second round with a hard slam on Yarbrough. Hughes works his way to full mount, but Yarbrough flips him and gets his back. Yarbrough goes for rear naked choke but doesn’t have the strength to make Hughes tap. Both fighters get to their feet and end the round against the cage.

Both come out swinging to begin the final round. Hughes lands a nice leg kick. Both fighters are circling. Hughes tries to land some more jabs and leg kicks, but fails to connect with combinations. Hughes executes a takedown and starts to throw hammer fists. Yarbrough has a solid chin though and is able to withstand the blows. Hughes lets Yarbrough back up to his feet before he shoots for another takedown. The fight ends with Hughes raining down fists. Another good round. Hughes wins

Quotes of the Night

Justin Hughes (On his first fight and win)

I might have come out a little stronger than I was suppose to. We were practicing staying light, and throwing combos. Once you get in there it’s a different thing. Just hitting somebody, that shit feels good. My coach says you learn on the job, and that was definitely the case.

That dude was tough. That choke. You thought I was going to tap right? That shit was tight, but my guys put me in that in practice all the time, so I was used to it.

I’m not really happy with the win. I know it was my first fight, but I have high expectations for myself. Not to sound too cocky or anything but I was ready to drop him with my hands. It was a good fight though.

Matt Brown

Everything went according to my game plan: Go out there and block punches, come in with straight punches, throw hands and kicks. I’ve been working a lot on my Muay Thai these last few months. So throwing knees on the ground, trying to throw knees on the inside.

He was taller than me so I was just trying to work the inside, work the body, work the face.

Dan Bravo

It was an adrenalin rush. It definitely worked out how I wanted. I’m not much of a ground fighter, I was still able to do what I wanted and it worked out.

Billy Jesse

Asked how the fight went. “Absolutely amazing. I’m looking for a challenge so I’m dropping down to 185 lbs. for Congress (theater).”


Tim Armstrong defeated Andrew Edborg. TKO at 1:33 of round 1

Justin Hughes defeated James Yarbrough. Unanimous decision

Matt Brown defeated Jason Crose. Tapout due to strikes at 1:28 of round 1

Dan Bravo defeated Andre Ford. Tapout due to strikes at 1:54 of round 1

Darrell Edmonson defeated Travis Simpson. TKO at 0:10 of round 1

Jerry Elsner defeated Jeff Szakas. Guillotine choke at 0:21 of round 1

Bill Jesse defeated Brandon Conner. Rear naked choke at 1:32 of round 1

Jason Ignacek defeated Tyler Isley. Tapout due to strikes at 1:26 of round 1